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Early Christian apologists believed that the very existence of the Church was evidence for the Truth claims of Jesus. Persecuted for three hundred years, the body of believers flourished and ultimately "conquered" their enemies through the message of the gospel. Truth Ministries Biblical Museum is the visual aid for that history and beyond. It has a broad range of the history of Christianity and the related cultures of the early church and its progress into later years. The Museum of Truth is well worth the time, and I suspect that most people spend a lot more time than they had planned once they get in and start absorbing the artifacts.
Dan Arsenault
Host of Church for Skeptics TV Show
If you've ever seen the move "A Night at the Museum" you have probably wished exhibits that you go to see would really come to live. Spend a morning, afternoon, or day at Dave Glander's Museum of Truth and many people and places of the Bible come to life. The Museum of Truth is an amazing traveling exhibit of quality authenticated artifacts from the Middle East dating from the times of Abraham to the twentieth century. All are beautifully displayed within inches from your eyes so that you can visually examine them thoroughly. Each piece is labeled and described in such a way that a visitor of any age will understand the significance of the piece and its place in history. The wonderful variety of pieces exhibited range from 4,000 year-old Canaanite clay idols to an authentic 1611 King James Bible to modern-day artifacts from Israel. And what trip to a museum would be complete without an excellent tour guide? Dave Glander, the owner of this amazing exhibit, is immensely knowledgeable about his artifacts and is happy to personally share his knowledge in a way that is much more entertaining and family-friendly than Ben Stiller. You will want to spend hours and hours in the Museum of Truth and every minute you spend there will be well worth it.
Rick McLain - Founder of F.A.C.T.
Family Apologetics Conferences & Training