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The Museum of Truth is a world-class traveling Biblical exhibit that houses over 300 ancient artifacts dating from Noah till the time of Jesus Christ. The Museum displays over 60 ancient Bible leaves, including 3,800 year old cuneiform, 2,000 year old papyrus fragments and a 400 year old Torah Scroll that is over 12 feet long! The Museum is proud to carry an extensive Modern Israel collection with very rare hand-signed documents from world leaders, and invaluable historical pieces from the Holcaust. The Modern Israel collection ends with items like pressed flowers and seashells that came straight from the Holy Land. You will also be able to experience a Shroud of Turin exhibit that is only 1 of 5 Replica Exhibits in the world! Experience the Shroud up close and personal.

The Museum of Truth is currently working on a Creation/Evolution exhibit coming soon!