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• What are some of the topics Dave Glander speaks on?

Dave is well known for his humorous, yet serious, approach to teaching. His topics tend to delve deeper into the Christian worldview, while maintaining a simple understanding for the benefit of all different pesonality types. Because of his background of being a former atheist who fully lived in the secular world, he can relate that vantage point to Christians in order to give them fresh insights into the minds of thier unbelieving family, friends, and aquaintances. He also has a tendency of challenging the "casual Christian" in their walk because of his deep love for the theological truths found in God's Holy Word!

His favorite topics usually fall into the categories of either:

- Apologetics: (a few examples)
............ - Does God Exist - Is Evolution True - Is the Bible Reliable - Did Jesus Really Exist - 
............ - Did Jesus really Rise From the Dead - Was Noah's Flood a Real Event - What About Dinosaurs - 
............ - Do Aliens Really Exist - Does Archaeology Support the Bible - What Do Other Religions Believe -
............ - Does the "God" Particle Explain Our Origins - Does Beauty and Morals Prove God - 

- Theology: (a few examples)
............ - Dove and the Serpent (how to avoid falling) - You're Being Watched (you're never alone) -
............ - I'm Saved, Now What (living the Christian Call) - Who Do You Say I Am (God's opinion matters) -
............ - Our Prize Awaits (the 5 crowns) - God's Not a Party Crasher (Father knows best) -


• What is the basic goal of the Faith Survival Guide apologetics curriculum?

The Faith Survival Guide is written for the purpose of educating Christians in the What and Why they believe what they proclaim to believe. Sadly, for a lot of Christians, their faith is only skin deep. They never really look into the Truth claims of Christianity to discover that it is the only world religion that is completely backed by Archaeology, History, Science, Philosophy, etc. This lack of knowledge has led to a diminishing attendance record for most churches, and declining numbers of young adults claiming to be Christians after the age of 23. Please watch the following video for more information of the problems facing modern Christianity, and how the Faith Survival Guide can help resolve these issues: We Have A Big Problem

• What age group is the Faith Survival Guide appropriate for?
The Faith Survivla Guide is designed in such a way to be appealing to High School and College Age students in overall design, yet because of the depth of information contained within, it is easily suitable for anyone between the ages of 13 to 93 years old. The only ages that it would be inappropriate for are children under the age of 13 because it would most likely be a little too deep for them.

• Do you have to be a trained Apologist in order to lead a group through the curriculum?
Absolutely not! The Faith Survival Guide is designed to be taught by any average Joe who wants to see their family, church, and community changed by the Truth of the Christian faith. Each LEADER'S GUIDE is fully equipped with the necessary leader's notes on the left-hand side of each page in order that the leader will know what information pertains to the Students' Guides being used by the rest of the group. In addition to the notes in the Leader's Guide, Truth Ministries offers assistance to anyone having problems that seem to be beyond their abilities by submitting questions to There is also an Appendice Page at that will have answered questions posted on there as time goes on and questions begin coming in.


• Where does the Museum of Truth travel to?
The Museum of Truth travels wherever the Lord opens doors for us. We are based out of Northeast Georgia, and have traveled as far as Texas and Virginia so far with the exhibit. We are fully able to reach the lower 48 states with no problems. 

• How long does it take to set up/break down the Museum of Truth?
The Museum of Truth takes 4-5 people an average of about 7-8 hours (32 man hours) to set up once we arrive at the event destination. After the event is over, it takes us around 4-5 hours (20 man hours) to break down and load our trailer back up.

• How many days need to be figured in for a Museum of Truth event?
Because of set-up time required for the Museum, we need 1 day before the event to set-up. Then, we need 1 dayafter the event is over to break down the Museum and pack up the trailer. So, if your event is a 2-day event, then a total of 4 days needs to be accounted for (1-before, 2-day event, 1-after = 4-days).

• How much space is required for the Museum of Truth?
Currently, the entire Museum of Truth is around 1800 square feet. We have designed it to be very flexible in order to accomodate many different room layouts so that we are not limited due to room arrangments. While we try to push for the entire Museum to be set up, we are also able to break down the different exhibits for smaller spaces if needed - i.e. Ancient Archaeology, Bible-leaf Scriptorium, Modern Israel, Shroud of Turin.

• How much does it cost to host the Museum of Truth at our location?
The cost of hosting the Museum of Truth at your location depends of many different variables such as Location, Timing, Duration, etc. We try very hard to be as flexible with our budget requirements as possible in order to serve any and every one in God's kingdom. However, the Museum is not like any other event that people are used to booking because of the time it takes for set-up and breakdown using 4-5 people. The best way for us to work with your budget is for you to take the time to fill out a BOOKING REQUEST for Truth Ministries and we will get back with you on what our budget requirements would be for your event.

• Here is a common sample of how much it costs to bring the Museum of Truth to your location:
Round trip travel expenses to get to the event 400 miles from Hoschton, GA @.54/mile = $216
2 hotel rooms for 3 nights stay = $660
Museum Cost per day:
                             - 1 day travel & set up
                             - 2 days exhibit open
                             - 1 day break down $ travel
4 total days @ $1000 per day = $4000
Total cost for travel, hotel, and museum = $4,876

Your event may vary in terms of distance or length of time. For the most accurate method for calculating the museum costs, or other possibilities of bringing only a portion of the museum, such as only the scriptorium, only the ancient artifacts, etc., it's best to fill out the BOOKING REQUEST so that we can personalize your needs and make sure we are serving you in the best possible way.